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Run Don't Think


One hundred thousand dollars.

A government agency on their trail.

An evil man out for blood, with a terrifying power no one can fight.

Angel and Skip are about to learn their world will never be safe again.


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The Leftover Girl Series is Now Complete!

Jes and Pade must fight for Golvern and their love...

Illusion of Truth (Leftover Girl Book 4)

Pade learns his life isn't what he thought...


(Leftover Girl Book 3)

Only remembering what happened twelve years ago could free her, but will Jes learn the truth before she makes a choice she can’t take back?


Secrets Return is a Quarter-Finalist for the Booklife Prize in Fiction!


LEFTOVER GIRL - indieBRAG Medallion Honoree

I'm proud to say Leftover Girl has met the indieBRAG standards and is now an indieBRAG Medallion Honoree. It's wonderful to know a group dedicated to reading self-published books. Feedback is key to success on this journey and I was pleased with the detail provided by multiple independent readers.

Leftover Girl

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