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LEFTOVER GIRL - indieBRAG Medallion Honoree

I'm proud to say Leftover Girl has met the indieBRAG standards and is now an indieBRAG Medallion Honoree. It's wonderful to know a group dedicated to reading self-published books. Feedback is key to success on this journey and I was pleased with the detail provided by multiple independent readers.

Leftover Girl

COMING SOON - Prison of Lies

Releases 4/30 on Kindle

SECRETS RETURN - Available Now on Kindle and in Print


Jes Delaney’s story from Leftover Girl continues after months of fighting to recover her memory. She’s no closer to learning the truth about what happened the night she ran away, or to finding Chase. When someone discovers the articles from New York, lies begin to pile up as Jes must keep everyone in the dark or risk disappearing again.

She finds an odd ally in Pade, who came home distant and broken. Something happened in Colorado to change him, but Jes holds back because he’ll never understand her secrets. She still dreams about the gunshot, but now her hands are soaked in blood. Jes wonders why Chase hasn’t returned and if her parents will ever forgive her for hiding that she wasn’t born on Earth.


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