Illusion of Truth – Coming Soon

Illusion of Truth – Coming Soon

Whew, I’ve just sent Illusion of Truth off to my editor. Writing this fourth book has been tougher than any of the others. I think it’s because #3 and #4 were originally meant to be one book.

As the story progressed, I realized no way could I keep both viewpoints together and make the stories flow. Sometimes change must happen, and in this case I believe change was for the better.

I’m happy allowing Pade’s story to progress on his terms, although there is one glaring piece of information about Jes that he doesn’t know. He’s seventeen and in love. He doesn’t realize that all around him lines are being drawn for a war. His destiny means he must pick a side.

I’m so excited about Illusion of Truth. I absolutely love this story, even though I had my doubts about Pade in the beginning. I admit I didn’t start to like him until Secrets Return.

So, for the past two months, I’ve worked late into the night, crafting this text until it became the story I wanted to share. The series is almost complete.

Now it’s all about Fate of War!

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