New Release – Love Don’t Wait

New Release – Love Don’t Wait

The last few months have been crazy busy for me, but I’ve finally released Love Don’t Wait, which is the second book in The Agency Series. Yes, this release is a few weeks later than I originally planned. To those who have been asking, I apologize for the wait.

If you’ve been following my books, The Agency Series is a spin-off of the Leftover Girl books. After finishing Fate of War, I wanted to write a different story. Don’t get me wrong – I’m happy with how the first series ended. I just wanted the next series to have a slightly different feel.

So I went back to the characters left behind. I always planned for more stories, but I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to take first. Angel was chosen to head up this series mainly because I didn’t like her in the other books. I wanted to give her the opportunity to grow into the person I knew she could be.

While Run Don’t Think starts her story, Love Don’t Wait pushes the limits of what she can handle as a teen and as a person with powers that others both covet and fear.

If you haven’t guessed this already, I love books in a series. I planned for several books where the characters could cross over, but I didn’t want to write one never-ending series. If you’ve read Fate of War, you probably have a good idea of how the agency came into play.

The first series included five books. The last book brought a conclusion which I hope readers can feel good about. At that point, if they want to take a breather and read something else, I’m just thankful they took the time to read the entire series. If they want to continue, the next series starts with a different group of central characters, but still within the same universe.

There will be one more book in The Agency Series, which is Fight Don’t Fear. I’m shooting for November on this one. It will bring back more characters from the first series, but I won’t give spoilers here. After finishing Love Don’t Wait, you should be able to guess who.

To everyone who has read my books and especially to those who continue to pick up a copy of each new release, thanks for the support. I truly appreciate each and every purchase, download on KU, review, follow, and contact that lets me know what people think of my stories.

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