Reviews? Who Cares What I Think?

Reviews? Who Cares What I Think?

This post is for anyone out there like me, who hates writing reviews. Who cares what I think about a book?

As I’ve learned from this publishing adventure of mine, reviews aren’t for the author. As much as I’d love to say I’ve written a review for every book I’ve read, that would be a lie. Now, I’ve written reviews for many of the books I’ve read since publishing and realizing the true power of a review. Reviews help customers understand why they might enjoy a book, or if they should run in the other direction.

Reviews are tough to get, probably because most readers are like me. Or they’re like I was before I understood why one teeny tiny review can mean so much.

I promise you that I do pay attention to feedback, either from reviews or feedback through the website. I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again. Like it or hate it, I want to hear your thoughts. When I published Leftover Girl, I had no expectations of a bestseller. My only hope is to not give up before reaching the people who enjoy this story. Unless you’re out there navigating the waters of self-publishing, you might not understand why people go to the trouble or even the fact that publishing is a whole lot of work.

I’m sure everyone has their own reason, but I can only own up to mine. I’ve had stories in my head for years, many stories with a variety of characters bouncing around that just won’t shut up. I’m not the best writer, never will be, but I’m learning. And like the majority of writers, I’ll probably never make back what I put into my books in the form of professional editing, cover design, advertising, etc.

But not making money is okay. (Did I really just say that???)

I consider myself a lucky girl, to have a job I enjoy when some people in this country would be grateful for any job. I joke sometimes about the day job, but I’m truly thankful it pays the bills. If I never make money writing, I probably won’t stop. Writing is an outlet for stress from my job. As I’ve said before, I work in a technical field – this just happens to be in the world of manufacturing. A digital multi-meter and a 2.5mm slotted screwdriver are my trusted tools. One day I’d love to write books about fixing machines and programming robots.

Maybe one day…sigh.

Don’t be scared of writing a review. A great review is not one with more stars attached, but instead tells a potential customer if a book is for them. Books are subjective. Most are for less than 1% of 1% of 1% of the population. A great review cuts through the clutter and sends a clear picture of what a books is about. It helps us discover that wonderful, jittery, can’t believe I read this for the 10th time and still enjoyed it feeling that only comes from a book we connect with.

I’ve got a library of those and I try to discover a new one whenever possible.

Life is good until a book makes it great.





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