Run Don’t Think

Run Don’t Think

April has been a busy month for me and I’m excited to say my next book, Run Don’t Think, will release on 4/26/18.

When I started this story, I had the intention of writing a novella as a spin-off from the Leftover Girl series. Angel and Skip were two characters from the series that I wanted to explore further and maybe provide a bonus story to the 2 or 3 folks who have read the entire series.

Why did the series need more? Well, the truth is I needed more. Time to write that is. By the time the series ended, I’d already outlined Angel’s story and I was itching to get started.

When I started writing many years ago, I chose to put the stories from my head down on paper for one reason only: my own enjoyment. Yes, I’d like others to enjoy my stories, maybe even you, but my biggest reason is my own. If I finish a story on paper, I can finally move to the next.

Since I write for my own enjoyment and I enjoy books that are connected in a series, it’s no surprise that’s my chosen path. I have other books planned with characters that will have crossover stories, but they will all exist in the same universe.

So, like I said at the start, I wanted to write a novella. As I dug into the story, I realized Angel and Skip deserved more. Next thing I knew, a full novel stared back from my computer screen.

I think I’ve enjoyed writing Run Don’t Think more than any other story.

If you’ve read book 4 in the Leftover Girl Series (Illusion of Truth), you know Angel and Skip end up with a case that holds one hundred thousand dollars. This is where Run Don’t Think starts, but after a few pages, you’ll realize this is a different story than the Leftover Girl books.

This new story has a faster pace and a paranormal spin instead of sci-fi. My greatest struggle with this book was how to make a new story that anyone can pick up and enjoy without reading the original series. I hope I accomplished this.

When I reached the last page, I realized there’s still more story to tell. So, turns out Run Don’t Think will actually kick off The Agency Series, which will be three books.

If you get the chance to drop me some feedback on this new book, please do. I’d love to hear what you think.

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