Secrets Return – Almost Ready!!!

Secrets Return – Almost Ready!!!

I’m happy to say I finished formatting Secrets Return for print today, so it looks as if the paperback edition will be ready for release on 1/24 with the Kindle edition. For anyone who’s tried to write a book and format using Microsoft Word – it’s an interesting challenge. Rewarding when it’s done, but whoa getting there…

Secrets Return is a book I’m really looking forward to publishing. Not just because I really like the story, but also because the second time around everything from writing to the dreaded formatting seemed easier, more enjoyable. I’d venture to say I can’t wait until I get there with book # 3. I’ve got a title in mind, but we won’t go there quite yet!

Be on the lookout for two more Leftover Girl books in 2017 and a stand-alone romance.


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