Update on Prison of Lies

Update on Prison of Lies

First, I want to apologize for waiting so long to give this update. I’ve been overloaded lately at work, plus I’ve spent nights and weekends hammering out book # 3, Prison of Lies.

Sometimes when I write, I literally have to turn the world off. Does anyone else feel this way?

Prison of Lies is finished – it’s currently with my editor and I’m awaiting her thoughts. I’m excited about this book since it digs deep into the reasons why Jes is so important. She’ll be forced to make decisions she’s never imagined.

Cutting it close on time, you say? Maybe. I really want to release this book on April 30th, but only if it’s ready. My guess is there will be no pre-orders on this one. I’ve set a tight schedule for myself and that includes releasing books # 4 and 5 by the end of September.

The short timeline is my fault. Originally, I planned for 4 books in this series. When I say planned, I mean I knew how each book would start and end. What I didn’t know at the time was book # 3 would become 3 and 4.

Okay, the anxiety is kicking in. Let me stop and take a deep breath.

I’d planned to write book # 3 as a split POV between Jes and Pade, but there was too much to cover and it didn’t flow well. So, book # 3 is all Jes and book # 4 tells Pade’s side of the story.

The biggest issues I’ve had are 1) time management (bet you never guessed this one between the job and the family) and 2) finding the right person to make the covers.

The cover issue is a tough one for me.


Why? Because details in writing and details in pictures are not the same for me. Hard to explain, but I want those who pick my books over millions of others to have the best cover possible.

Anyone reading this knows I’ll never make money off my books. What I want is something different. I want to wake up proud that I spent my time creating a book someone out there enjoys. Even if it’s only one someone.

So, back to the cover issue. I’ve had to find another artist, but I believe she will do an outstanding job. At book #3, making a cover got tough. I decided to go ahead and get the last 3 covers made now so they will fit together. Hopefully, someone out there can appreciate how hard this is.

Definitely not a feat for stock pictures.

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