If you've followed my stories, here is the list so far - all books exist in the same universe and characters will cross between books. My first series is Leftover Girl with five books. It's a realistic teen story with a hint of sci-fi and fantasy.

Book #1 of 5 in the Leftover Girl Series
Jes Delaney can't remember anything before she was found at four, barefoot in the headlights of an old Ford. At fifteen, she has adjusted to moving without notice and never fitting in, but everything changes with her adopted mom's hometown. There Jes falls for her mom's nephew, a love she hides when his betrayal leaves her isolated and driven to unravel the past.
After Jes befriends a strange new student, she discovers an unbelievable secret: he's from another planet and searching for a missing girl who just might be her. As Jes will learn, truth comes at a cost, but will she give up love to find out?


Book #2 of 5 in the Leftover Girl Series

Jes Delaney’s story from Leftover Girl continues after months of fighting to recover her memory. She’s no closer to learning the truth about what happened the night she ran away, or to finding Chase. When someone discovers the articles from New York, lies begin to pile up as Jes must keep everyone in the dark or risk disappearing again.

She finds an odd ally in Pade, who came home distant and broken. Something happened in Colorado to change him, but Jes holds back because he’ll never understand her secrets. She still dreams about the gunshot, but now her hands are soaked in blood. Jes wonders why Chase hasn’t returned and if her parents will ever forgive her for hiding that she wasn’t born on Earth.

Book #3 of 5 in the Leftover Girl Series

After Secrets Return, Jes Delaney is whisked away to a compound hiding those who plan a revolution. Between learning about Golvern and her real family, Jes unlocks more power than she ever imagined. When she realizes her protection has become a prison and tries to escape, Jes discovers just how far her parents will go to keep her.

As their grip tightens, Jes manages to break free and flees to Credence. Powerless and on the run, she’s saved by a group claiming to be the real Lucha Noir. Reunited with Chase and Pade, Jes is shocked to learn their leader is also the man who haunts her dreams. Only remembering what happened twelve years ago could free her, but will Jes learn the truth before she makes a choice she can’t take back?

Book #4 of 5 in the Leftover Girl Series

When he's forced to leave Earth, Pade learns his life isn't what he thought...

After Secrets Return, Pade Sanders is forced to leave Earth for Golvern. Refusing to live with his father, Pade finds a new life filled with the same regulations and torment forced upon all Singles. But his father is more than just a wealthy businessman from Earth - he's a member of Golvern's fearsome government. Although Pade longs to escape and find Jes, he's trapped between life without a twin and duty to the family name he refuses.

After a beating that nearly kills him, Pade realizes his chance to find Jes. He soon learns he has a second power so rare the Lucha Noir will never let him go - only he can lead their fight against the government. But how will he deal with learning Kayden isn't the only one predicted to save Golvern?

This book follows the same timeline as Prison of Lies, but gives Pade's view of Golvern, the fighting, and all the secrets Jes can't see.

Book #5 of 5 in the Leftover Girl Series

Jes has finally come home to Golvern and assumed her place as future queen. With Christian at her side, she must battle the government’s attempts to steal her power along with a marriage arranged by her father years before. Feeling abandoned and afraid, Jes has no idea a team of fighters works in the shadows to protect her, led by Pade.
Pade struggles to keep Jes safe from the evil Tyros but is shocked to learn who’s really behind the violence. When Jes is kidnapped, he must make a choice that will affect the lives of every person on Golvern and put his family in jeopardy. The final battle will force all secrets into the light, leaving Jes and Pade to fight for Golvern and their love.

Next, I wrote The Agency series which is a spin-off with some characters from the Leftover Girl series. It's a paranormal thriller that focuses on a secret government agency. This agency protects people from humans with powers and keeps Earth blissfully unaware of threats from space.


Book 1 of 3 in The Agency Series

One hundred thousand dollars.

A government agency on their trail.

Two teens are about to learn their world will never be safe again.

In this thrill ride, Angel and Skip go on the run after learning her dad works for a government agency. One of his deadliest enemies is out for blood and Angel could be his next victim. The teens must fight to stay alive as their road trip finds them running from cops and dodging undercover agents. No one is safe from the evil man with glowing eyes that only Angel can see. Angel has no idea her dad's agency monitors people with special powers or that she's been on their list for years...


Book 2 of 3 in The Agency Series

For Angel Lockhart, forever is really forever…

After learning the truth about her parents, Angel fears being locked away in an underground room of the agency. She’s been selfish in her relationship with Skip, but now only her powers can keep him alive. The agency wants to use these powers to save innocent lives. Angel can’t help but wish for her old life back.

When she visits an old friend, her view of the agency begins to change. Maybe becoming an agent is the best plan if her powers can take down the agency’s deadliest threats.

Life is tough at seventeen, but working for a secret government agency? Angel might even learn what love really means… if she doesn't run out of time.


Book 3 of 3 in The Agency Series

The pulse-pounding conclusion to The Agency Series...

A battle is brewing between the agency and the woman determined to protect people with powers at all cost.

As an agent, Angel Lockhart knows facing her worst fears comes with the job. To save Earth from a disaster, she must find a way to help her best friend control a power that could freeze the planet. Before saving the planet, she also must deal with the betrayal that almost killed the man she loves.

After being forced into a last-minute visit to Earth, Bailey Sanders knows it's best to stay off the radar. She never imagined two girls she grew up with could decide Earth's future. Stuck on a road trip without her powers, Bailey has bigger problems than knocking on the agency's front door.

Both are about to learn it will take more than powers to save the planet.

Note: This book has a crossover story that will bridge The Agency Series and the Leftover Girl Series. It brings back some characters from the Leftover Girl Series and takes place during the time-frame of Fate of War (contains spoilers if you plan to read that series and haven't yet).

For everyone who read my first eight books and asked for more, I wrote Heart of a Traitor. This book starts immediately after The Agency series and crosses back to the Leftover Girl books, giving fans another view from Fate of War and what became of the Leftover Girl characters. It's not over for them yet!!!


A Leftover Girl/Agency Novel

This book should be read after Fate of War (Leftover Girl Book 5) and Fight Don’t Fear (The Agency Book 3).

Told from the alternating views of Chase (from Leftover Girl series) and Tyler (from The Agency series), this book is a collision of two worlds. With bonus material from Fate of War (told from Chase’s view) and a new story that will alter the futures of both Golvern and Earth, Heart of a Traitor was written as a bonus for fans who enjoyed both series and asked for more.

As prince of Golvern, Chase knows that his days as a Lucha Noir spy are numbered. His sister has been kidnapped and he struggles to uphold his vow to never lose her again. Chase finds himself fighting a threat he never considered—a Tyro leader who holds the power to change Golvern’s future. But what good is learning the truth if you never get to tell anyone?

At Sylvia’s insistence, Tyler leaves Earth to avoid being captured and tried as a traitor. He travels to Golvern and takes on a mission from Van to infiltrate a Tyro base and kill their leader. There, he learns of an underground mine using human slave labor, despite Golvern’s advanced technology. He vows to find the leader of this place, but first he must fight to survive using his power.

My third series is called The Fear Chronicles. These books are more adventure and urban fantasy, although there's also plenty of sci-fi and paranormal. And romance, of course! Fear Justice introduces a new character, Rena Mason. Although several familiar faces will show up, I wrote this series in a way that should allow anyone who hasn't read my other books to start fresh and enjoy the adventure.


Book 1 of 4 in The Fear Chronicles

Seventeen-year-old Rena Mason counts the days until she can leave for college. Every night her father drinks himself to sleep, leaving her to care for her younger brother. When her father is kidnapped by terrorists, her dreams of freedom become a nightmare.

Rena can't trust the agent who saves her. Nothing about him seems real except for his fight to find justice for his own missing dad. That and the gloves he never takes off. Even while pushing him away, she longs to touch his hand.

She has no idea he's more than just a normal agent. Can they work together to save lives after Rena learns his real mission is to unlock her power?


Book 2 of 4 in The Fear Chronicles

Rena Mason once feared never being able to explore her feelings for Travis. Now she fears not being able to save everyone she cares about. As her fear grows, so does her power. With Travis’s help, she fights to uncover what really happened to her mom, along with the secrets her dad still hides.

When a renegade agent puts Rena in the agency’s crosshairs, other agents question their ability to contain her. If she could just figure out how to fly without crashing to the ground, maybe she could control her powers.

With threats from Louis, Rena prepares to face the truth about her family. But not all threats come from the outside. As Rena will learn, she can’t trust everyone at the agency…


Book 3 of 4 in The Fear Chronicles


Rena Mason found fear and learned to control her powers. Now she plans to fight her way back inside the agency. Before she can save Travis, she learns he’s disappeared. Travis isn’t the only one missing; her dad and brother have been taken by Louis.

Travis Payne spent years searching for his dad. Now his first priority is keeping Rena safe. When Travis wakes up on the other side of the galaxy, he knows he can’t protect her. The only way for him to return is by helping a traitor he fears—if he can afford the price.

Aliens aren’t the only danger the agency faces. As Rena prepares to take down everyone who betrayed her, the only thing left to fear is the darkness her mama knows well…


Book 4 of 4 in The Fear Chronicles


The explosive final installment of The Fear Chronicles... how far will Rena and Travis go to save the people they care about?


A Bulwark Anthology: Book 10

As an Air Force pilot recruited for a secret government agency, Amber Dallas is prepared for dangerous missions. People with powers, threats from space - no problem. What she isn't prepared for is a mission to the small town of Bulwark.

After the violent attack of two teens, Sheriff Clay Finnes dispels rumors the girls tried to contact an evil spirit. He has no ambition to work with the FBI or anyone else. But Amber grew up in Bulwark. She knows this place is the capitol of strange events and she knows what happened to the girls has happened before.

Twenty years ago, Amber left Bulwark without looking back. To complete her training and reach agent status, she'll face her worst fear. No one remembers that night except Amber...

Based on Bulwark, a paranormal thriller by Brit Lunden, this novella is the tenth volume in the multi-author Bulwark Anthology. The Mission tells the origin story of Agent Dallas, who appeared in The Fear Chronicles. It's set in the town of Bulwark, Ga, with established characters of that town, and contains a ghost story.



Charlie Conners never imagined her mother was from another planet, or that she’d inherit a powerful legacy. As she faces her mother’s death, she learns of a gift that will make her an expert marksman.

Torn between two worlds, Charlie is stunned to learn her mother escaped a life of servitude to start fresh on Earth. After soldiers travel across the galaxy to bring her mom home, Charlie’s only choice is to run. As long as no one knows about her power, they can’t take her away.

As she’ll learn, standing on the sidelines isn't easy. After saving the life of a government agent, Charlie’s forced into a job taking down Earth’s most dangerous criminals. Can she become a monster without giving up her soul?

Legacy of Power: Season 1 starts a new ongoing story that’s fast-paced and told in serial episodes. Readers can enjoy this story without reading any of the Leftover Girl or Agency books. Those who have will see some familiar faces.