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A Bulwark Anthology Book 10

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As an Air Force pilot recruited for a secret government agency, Amber Dallas is prepared for dangerous missions. People with powers, threats from space – no problem. What she isn’t prepared for is a mission to the small town of Bulwark.

After the violent attack of two teens, Sheriff Clay Finnes dispels rumors the girls tried to contact an evil spirit. He has no ambition to work with the FBI or anyone else. But Amber grew up in Bulwark. She knows this place is the capitol of strange events and she knows what happened to the girls has happened before.

Twenty years ago, Amber left Bulwark without looking back. To complete her training and reach agent status, she’ll face her worst fear. No one remembers that night except Amber…

Based on Bulwark, a paranormal thriller by Brit Lunden, this novella is the tenth volume in the multi-author Bulwark Anthology. The Mission tells the origin story of Agent Dallas, who appeared in The Fear Chronicles. It's set in the town of Bulwark, Ga, with established characters of that town, and contains a ghost story.


Available on Kindle and in Paperback


The Fear Chronicles Book 4

For the first time in his life, Travis Payne doesn’t want to be an agent. He can’t focus beyond his grief at the thought of losing Rena. The clock ticks as everyone knows his powers will soon return, and those who betrayed Travis could face his deadly touch.

Rena Mason never imagined life would change this drastically. She also never thought her own parents would betray her. Now she’s faced with only one choice—strengthen her powers while turning her back on the future she’d planned with Travis.

In twenty-four hours, two planets will be destroyed. Can Rena and Travis work together to save everyone they care about?

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