By day, I'm an engineer and by night (after the kids are off to bed), I write the stories I love. Emotional, but with humor. Epic love stories. Teens who must learn to control their powers and find the strength to save lives.

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The Fear Chronicles Book 2

Rena Mason once feared never being able to explore her feelings for Travis. Now she fears not being able to save everyone she cares about. As her fear grows, so does her power. With Travis’s help, she fights to uncover what really happened to her mom, along with the secrets her dad still hides.

When a renegade agent puts Rena in the agency’s crosshairs, other agents question their ability to contain her. If she could just figure out how to fly without crashing to the ground, maybe she could control her powers.

With threats from Louis, Rena prepares to face the truth about her family. But not all threats come from the outside. As Rena will learn, she can’t trust everyone at the agency…



The Fear Chronicles Book 3

As Rena prepares to take down everyone who betrayed her, the only thing left to fear is darkness...

Want More of the Leftover Girl Characters?

Heart of a Traitor - Bonus Story for Subscribers


This book should be read after Fate of War (Leftover Girl Book 5) and Fight Don’t Fear (The Agency Book 3).

Told from the alternating views of Chase (from Leftover Girl series) and Tyler (from The Agency series), this book is a collision of two worlds. With bonus material from Fate of War (told from Chase’s view) and a new story that will alter the futures of both Golvern and Earth, Heart of a Traitor was written as a bonus for fans who enjoyed both series and asked for more.

As prince of Golvern, Chase knows that his days as a Lucha Noir spy are numbered. His sister has been kidnapped and he struggles to uphold his vow to never lose her again. Chase finds himself fighting a threat he never considered—a Tyro leader who holds the power to change Golvern’s future. But what good is learning the truth if you never get to tell anyone?

At Sylvia’s insistence, Tyler leaves Earth to avoid being captured and tried as a traitor. He travels to Golvern and takes on a mission from Van to infiltrate a Tyro base and kill their leader. There, he learns of an underground mine using human slave labor, despite Golvern’s advanced technology. He vows to find the leader of this place, but first he must fight to survive using his power.

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