The Magic of Midnight

A Young Adult/New Adult Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy Anthology

Coming January 4th, 2022!


Some say midnight is the witching hour. Are you ready to believe in magic?

Check out my new story, Chosen by Night, which will be featured in The Magic of Midnight along with more than a dozen bestselling and award-winning authors!

Marilyn never imagined shifters existed or the thrill of becoming a crow as black as the night. After an old curse awakens, this sixteen-year-old must solve a mystery as other teens begin to shift and terrified parents scramble for answers.

Two hundred years ago, this curse started with the moon disappearing and ended with the destruction of their town. The night has chosen Marilyn, and only her closest friends can help. Can they stop the curse, or will she lose everything she cares about?

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Now Available on Kindle and in Paperback


Charlie Conners never imagined her mother was from another planet, or that she’d inherit a powerful legacy. As she faces her mother’s death, she learns of a gift that will make her an expert marksman.

Torn between two worlds, Charlie is stunned to learn her mother escaped a life of servitude to start fresh on Earth. After soldiers travel across the galaxy to bring her mom home, Charlie’s only choice is to run. As long as no one knows about her power, they can’t take her away.

As she’ll learn, standing on the sidelines isn't easy. After saving the life of a government agent, Charlie’s forced into a job taking down Earth’s most dangerous criminals. Can she become a monster without giving up her soul?

Legacy of Power: Season 1 starts a new ongoing story that’s fast-paced and told in serial episodes. Readers can enjoy this story without reading any of the Leftover Girl or Agency books. Those who have will see some familiar faces.


Redemption's Mark

Finally, Tosh gets to tell her story... what will the bully do with her shot at redemption?

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