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(Spoiler Alert: If you're just starting my books, you might want to skip the description below. This book takes place during the same time-frame as Fate of War.)


Fight Don't Fear (The Agency Book 3)

The pulse-pounding conclusion to The Agency Series...

A battle is brewing between the agency and the woman determined to protect people with powers at all cost.

As an agent, Angel Lockhart knows facing her worst fears comes with the job. To save Earth from a disaster, she must find a way to help her best friend control a power that could freeze the planet. Before saving the planet, she also must deal with the betrayal that almost killed the man she loves.

After being forced into a last-minute visit to Earth, Bailey Sanders knows it's best to stay off the radar. She never imagined two girls she grew up with could decide Earth's future. Stuck on a road trip without her powers, Bailey has bigger problems than knocking on the agency's front door.

Both are about to learn it will take more than powers to save the planet.

Note: This book has a crossover story that will bridge The Agency Series and the Leftover Girl Series. It brings back some characters from the Leftover Girl Series and takes place during the time-frame of Fate of War.

Coming in April


Fear Justice

The Fear Chronicles Book 1


Sneak peek to follow in February!

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