New Release – Fear Tomorrow

New Release – Fear Tomorrow

I’m thrilled to say Fear Tomorrow, the epic conclusion to The Fear Chronicles, will release tomorrow, 5/21. Which is why I had to write this post tonight.

I’ve had a blast with Rena and Travis and actually feel bad about making this their last story. If you’ve followed my other books, you’ll see some familiar faces in this story.

I’m not sure how readers will feel about seeing characters from previous books, especially if they haven’t read either of my previous series. Those who have read my other books should know how much I enjoy crossover stories. I couldn’t waste this chance to tie up, not just The Fear Chronicles, but the universe of characters I created.

All I can promise is I wrote the book I set out to write when I started this series. Yes, I always knew how it would end. Being able to write the book I wanted exactly how I wanted is an amazing feeling. I’ve found it’s been the biggest advantage of self-publishing. Lots of work, but it’s my story.

I’m excited to hear what people think about this one. Fear Tomorrow took about six months to write. It started as a string of handwritten notes about so many different characters I unfortunately couldn’t include them all. When I read the epilogue for the first time after edits, I felt both ecstatic and sad. For now this is it.

I’m sure the stories will continue in my head. Honestly, I planned to stop writing after this book. My goal was never to write for a career, but just to get the stories out of my head.

So, I re-read the epilogue and sat back with a sigh, thinking I could close my laptop and go back to living a normal life without characters whispering their stories to me.


I’ve found the only way to finish a series is start a new one. I hope you’ve enjoyed the characters as I have, and I appreciate you visiting my world.

Maybe I’ll see you again in the future.