Heart of a Traitor

Heart of a Traitor

Recently, I completed a new story in the Leftover Girl/Agency universe - Heart of a Traitor. If you were signed up on my website, you should have received a copy of this book before release. If you didn't receive your book, please email me at [email protected].

My original plan was to make this book available through my website only, but some readers asked for it to be available for download through Amazon.

This book was written for fans of both series. It includes bonus material from Fate of War - tells the story with new scenes but from Chase's point of view. It expands the story and gives readers a taste of 'what happened after', but also contains entirely new material that starts after Fight Don't Fear.

The new story is told from Tyler's point of view. After he leaves Earth to avoid being captured as a traitor, he infiltrates an underground mine where humans are held as slaves. He never imagined using his power to fight for survival on another planet.

I've had a blast with this story and after reading Heart of a Traitor, readers should begin to see ties to my new series, The Fear Chronicles.

Thanks to everyone who's followed my books. Since I love to talk with folks, please reach out with any feedback. I'm active on Goodreads, Facebook (@CCBolick), and Twitter (@ccbolick).

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