Release Day for Fight Don’t Fear

Release Day for Fight Don’t Fear

Fight Don't Fear, the third and final book in The Agency Series released on 1/24/19. Whew - that's book number eight for me.

Like the rest, I thought this day would never come. I anticipated finishing the manuscript for months and then worked through the final edits. With each edit, I tried to tighten up the plot and tell the story I set out to tell.

For those who haven't read the Leftover Girl Series, I apologize. There might be some parts of this new book you find confusing. I always planned to make this a crossover and bring in characters from the original series.

In Fight Don't Fear, Angel's story works its way to a close, but there's also another story that intertwines. Her friend Bailey returns, with a few other characters from Fate of War. The two books cross on the timeline and I get a chance to tell more of Bailey's story.

I truly enjoyed writing this book. My goal with each book is to show the characters grow and come together in a way that makes the story better than the book before it.

I hope fans of my other books enjoy the mixture of humor, heartache, and betrayal in this story and continue to read my books.

I've started another 4 book series called The Fear Chronicles. I'll release more info soon, but the first book will release in April. It will continue the story of a character from Fight Don't Fear. I won't give spoilers, but by the end you can probably guess which one.

Please feel free to reach out and let me know what you think of this latest release.

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