Legacy of Power: Season 1

Legacy of Power: Season 1

How does a writer take a year off from writing?

Not easily.

2020 was a tough year for my family and I didn't write anything until June of this year. That's literally a year off.

I took notes on stories as the weeks passed, but I didn't sit down and write any scenes during that time. After writing for more than a decade, it was tough on my mentally. I don't think I'll ever go back to not writing. In June, after the death of someone close, I opened my computer and wrote the story Legacy of Power.

Even though I'd planned to write this story for years, I never planned to start it last June. Turns out, what I needed was a way to channel my grief. It was a form of therapy since writing has always been the only way I felt comfortable with expressing my feelings.

I wrote this story in fast-paced serial episodes. If you've been troubled by my cliffhangers in the past, you might want to pretend this book doesn't exist. There will be more since this is just season one, lol!

If you've read my Leftover Girl series or The Agency books, you'll see some familiar faces in Legacy of Power. It takes place 25 years before Leftover Girl and tells the story of Charlie Conners. Yep, that's Pade's mom from the first series.

Imagine finding out your mother is an alien and you have this highly coveted, rare power to shoot. Only trouble is, the government of another planet wants that power.

Charlie's answer? Run.

As she'll learn, Charlie can't avoid her newfound Legacy of Power...



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