Release Day – Legacy of Power: Season 2

Release Day – Legacy of Power: Season 2

Charlie Conners is back for another adventure!

Sharpshooter, government agent, half-alien… almost old enough for a driver’s license.

Charlie thought running away after her mother’s death was the answer to her problems. Now she’s navigating the politics of an agency that’s only begun to understand her powers.

These posts are always my favorite to write. I’ve finished another story with characters I love… it’s time to take a day and sigh. It’s all over, but is it really?


I’ve already stared on season 3. Charlie’s story has been fun to write but also stressful. There are so many tiny details to keep up with.

I knew it would be a blast to write Charlie’s story and I always had it in the back of my mind (along with the other crazy stories waiting to get out). Going back 25 years wasn’t easy. Had to remember to have the agents carry around pagers instead of cell phones, lol.

Showing characters from the agency at a younger age was interesting. Agents Mason and Payne are partners here and try to help Charlie, while the director tries to force her into using her gift to shoot with precision and take down threats. She finds her own way and shows that she’ll answer to no one.

One of my favorite characters is Emily, which I didn’t get to show much in the previous series (for obvious reasons!), but I get to show that connection with Charlie and how she tries to mentor the teen.

Next month, I’ll release Redemption’s Mark. It’s planned for March 30th. I worked on this book last year but had to postpone it due to life reasons. The book is done and you’ll have it soon.

Redemption’s Mark starts a new Leftover Girl Universe series that starts 4 months after The Fear Chronicle books. So we’ve got Travis and Rena, but also several favorite characters from my other series. In this book, Tosh finally gets a voice and her shot at redemption for all the mean things she did in the Leftover Girl series.

Hope you enjoy my latest story!

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