Update on Leftover Girl Series

Update on Leftover Girl Series

I thought this would be a good day to update everyone on how book # 3 in the Leftover Girl Series is coming along.

The ideas have been flowing across the screen, no problem there. The only issue I’ve had is squeezing all of the necessary details into one book. If you’ve read Secrets Return, you know that the end leaves the characters in vastly different locations.

My original plan was for book 3 to alternate point-of-view between Jes and Pade. I realize now it makes for a confusing read. So, I’ve decided to separate their stories into two books, which will bring the total count for the series up to 5.

I’m trying my best to stay true to this story. When I started the series, I planned for 4 books, but sometimes change is necessary. If you’re on the subscriber list at www.ccbolick.com, I’ll let you know when these books release and about any special promotions. Also, I’ll post several short stories over the next few weeks about other characters from the Leftover Girl Series.

The first is live now!

Book 3 will be titled PRISON OF LIES and should be available around April 30th, not May as I originally suggested. Book 4 is planned for June and book 5 should be ready for an August/September release.

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